Content Creation

At the heart of just about everything we do is branded content.  Content we create  includes infographics, videos, photography, eBooks, or social posts.  Or, content that others create that we moderate, curate and amplify.

Without good content, it is increasingly difficult to get your stories heard or seen.  Good content gets noticed, engaged with, and it’s more likely that influencers and fans will share it with their audiences and networks.

We believe the best content has to satisfy at least one criteria:  it has to be either informative, useful or entertaining. It also has to be unique, original and linked to the brand or category. If it isn’t any of these, then it is unlikely to get traction.

The planning tool we use to help identify the most creative, engaging and leverageable content for your brand is the FORWARD Content SweetSpot. Using four key lenses; Category & Brand Messages, Target Audience Interest, Cultural Relevance, and Leverability & Reach, it ensures your content is relevant, newsworthy and shareable. These 4 key lenses help us make up your content marketing strategy.

To find out more about how you can use content creation to multiply your marketing and PR efforts, please get in touch.