SunRice Brand Ambassador Poh Ling Yeow

Work with SunRice brand ambassador Poh to encourage Australians to introduce more rice dishes into their weekly repertoire, by demonstrating how easy it is to cook SunRice to perfection. Highlight how versatile rice is, showing it can be the base of a huge range of delicious and adventurous home cooked meals. Show the true paddy to plate story of SunRice, by taking key media on the journey following the Australian origins of the rice. Creating content media can share with Australians across the nation.

More and more Australians are becoming proud foodies who enjoy fresh, locally produced food, that they can cook and enjoy anytime, with their family and friends.

We wanted to explore this even more by going on a journey of discovery with SunRice brand ambassador, Poh Ling Yeow, to unearth the story behind some of the best quality rice in the world, that is grown right here in Australia’s Riverina.

Following this, we also wanted to de-bunk some of the myths that rice was hard to cook by demonstrating just how straightforward it is to incorporate as a key part of a balanced diet.

We did this by designing two different media events which immersed the media in the world of SunRice in both the city and the country.


The challenge was to show the rich provenance of SunRice, educating people that it is completely natural, gluten-free and grown right here in Australia.

The second challenge was that although rice is increasingly popular with home cooks, people can still lack confidence cooking it and are concerned about getting it right every time.

Our Response

Our strategy was to design and produce two different events incorporating Poh, to answer the two key elements of the brief. Both events worked to further strengthen relationships between SunRice and key media and bloggers: an overnight media visit to beautiful Leeton, in rural New South Wales, and a cooking masterclass.

Leeton media visit

A two-day itinerary was developed for a small group of hand-picked media, to experience the true paddy to plate journey of Australian SunRice first hand. We developed and pitched tailored angles to secure media attendees, capturing professional photography to accompany their features.

The visit allowed media to see the beautiful landscapes which surround the paddies, and to meet the local communities who work hard to produce some of the finest rice in the world, right here in Australia.

Poh also travelled to Leeton, cooking a delicious five course meal showcasing the versatility of rice, enjoyed outside in the beautiful setting of RRAPL (Rice Research Australia). A lunch was hosted by a local rice farming family, the Andreazzas, who infused some of their Italian heritage into a rustic homemade Italian feast.

The aim of the events was not only to secure social media and media coverage, but to further build strong relationships with food and lifestyle media, to keep rice top of mind and build confidence when cooking rice at home.

Cooking masterclass

FORWARD and SunRice held a cooking demonstration and interactive cooking masterclass at the smartly designed Sydney Seafood School, hosted by SunRice brand ambassador, Poh Ling Yeow.

The Sydney Seafood School event allowed media to engage with Poh, doing what she does best – creating a delicious Hainese Chicken and Rice dish in the main auditorium. Freshly inspired, media were then split into small groups to get stuck into the cooking challenge for themselves with members of the SunRice team and Poh on hand for expert tips.

Sydney Seafood School was attended by titles including Good Food, Better Homes and Gardens, 9Kitchen and Men’s Health amongst others with many sharing live Instagram stories from the cooking sessions and lunch.


As a result of the two media events, we worked to further strengthen relationships with food and lifestyle media to keep SunRice and brand ambassador Poh top of mind.

Content was captured for use across SunRice’s owned online platforms including a Facebook Live video of Poh’s cooking demonstration.

Leeton media visit

Attended by publications Taste, Australian Women’s Weekly, Women’s Day, Food to Love, and blogger Two Girls One Fork.

Live Instagram stories and images from the visit with follow up features in Taste, Food to Love and Two Girls One Fork.

Cooking masterclass with Poh

Helped build the confidence of media in the kitchen, showing rice is easy to cook and incredibly versatile.

The event attended by 22 media and bloggers. Key top-tier titles in attendance included Good Food, 9Kitchen, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, Better Homes & Gardens, New Idea and SunRice team members and Poh networked directly with media, sharing the interactive cooking lesson and sitting down to lunch together, to answer any questions and discuss expert cooking tips.

Social sharing from the event by media including 9Kitchen, Men’s Health, Sammy & Bella (bloggers) and WHO Magazine.

  • Date Published:Thursday 19 October 2017