Purina Beyond Launch

FORWARD was tasked with launching Nestlé PURINA BEYOND ‘Simply 9’ in the Australian market, to increase brand awareness and establish the brand’s expertise in natural nutrition.

As one of the first natural wellness products to be available through grocery, FORWARD was briefed to engage dog owners through nutritional messaging, and showcase the simplicity of the ingredients.


With 39% of Australians now owning a dog, the trend for the humanisation of pets is more topical than ever; owners treat their animals like children, investing in diet, toys and their wardrobe.

Pet wellness trends, such as pawleo diets, doga (dog yoga) and dog-owner exercise classes, had recently hit the headlines, establishing the consumer and media appetite.

FORWARD also knew the core demographic valued quality nutrition with simple ingredients, and this passion for their health extended to their dog’s too.

Many brands offer complete nutrition for dogs, so we needed to create a campaign that would differentiate us from competitors, appeal to dog owners and secure traction with media.


FORWARD recognised a prominent health and wellness personality would give the PURINA BEYOND launch gravitas and the ability to deliver nutrition messaging in an organic and credible way.

With this in mind, we enlisted ex-Olympic athlete and wellness influencer, Amanda Bisk, as PURINA BEYOND ambassador. A dog owner herself, Amanda has built her brand on the importance of natural wellbeing and keeping healthy, so was a perfect fit.

FORWARD unveiled her as ambassador, utilising her to secure earned media opportunities throughout the campaign and create a unique consumer experience.

Amanda’s role was also leveraged as part of a new content deal with Yahoo!7 Storytellers, with Nestlé PURINA the founding advertiser for the platform.


FORWARD pitched media interviews and features, landing coverage that delivered key messaging around the role natural nutrition and ingredients plays in a dog’s life.

As part of the collaboration, FORWARD worked with Amanda to host Australia’s first dog wellness event. This involved a dog-owner fitness circuit for consumers to participate in with their pooches and a nutrition overview from PURINA nutrition expert, Michael Zajac.

Held at Centennial Park, the session featured ‘Simply 9’ workout stations and a post-routine recovery stand. Attendees received takeaway ‘doggie bags’, including product and dog accessories.

The event was pre-promoted to media, highlighting the partnership with Amanda and key messaging.

As well as creating content through Amanda’s channels, FORWARD implemented a TRIBE campaign, working with citizen influencers to build advocacy and drive rich brand awareness.


31 pieces of coverage across key target media across print and online metro and consumer lifestyle publications, reaching over 18.6 million Australians

43 event participants (with their dogs)

22 micro-influencer posts that reached 604K people with average engagement of 2.3%

  • Date Published:Wednesday 20 December 2017