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Top 5 Tips To Nail That Pitch!

In a world when journalists are busier than ever before, the need to create a punchy and impactful pitch has never been more essential. The key to a successful pitch that will actually be read is all about carefully writing, reviewing and revising your words as well as the person you sending the pitch to.

Here are five tips that will give you the best chance at getting that piece of coverage over the line:

  1. Know who your pitch is going to

Having a strong understanding of who you’re pitching to is a key starting point to converting your pitch into coverage. Take time to research the journalist or producer and find out what they recently covered so that the journalist a) knows that they’re not the recipient of a copy/paste job and b) can see exactly why your pitch links back to what they cover each day. Put in every effort to ensure that the person you’re pitching to is the right person and that they know exactly why you have chosen to send them the pitch.

  1. Use a subject line that sells your story

The subject line is the first opportunity you have to convince your journalist that your pitch is worthwhile, and should not be underestimated! You may have a story offering, but if you don’t get the journalist to open the email, it’s a wasted effort.

Your subject line should be one that catches their attention whilst getting your main point across. Determine what you are ultimately trying to say and then craft a subject line in five to seven words.

Where possible, try to personalise the line, whether by including the journalists’ coverage area or the page/section they look after. While it should be creative, it shouldn’t read like spam so try to avoid using exclamation marks and buzzwords.

  1. Get to the point – be succinct and clear

 Journalists can receive hundreds of emails every single day, so it’s important to get their attention early and get to the point quickly. A waffling pitch will only disengage whoever is reading it and you could lose out on an successful piece of coverage. The less reading, the better when it comes to a pitch so make sure you get your main points across and specify any deadlines or crucial dates.

A pitch email that is 2-3 short paragraphs and uses dot points to list key statistics or assets is a great framework to work from.

  1. Know what you’re offering the journalist

Be very clear on what you’re offering in your pitch and make sure you’re offering them something that they don’t have access to themselves. Whether it’s an exclusive interview or new research, this needs to be stated early on in the pitch.

Ensure that what you’re offering is a holistic package – from visual assets and interview opportunities to relevant research statistics. It helps the journalist visualise the story (and give you the best chance of landing that coverage!)

  1. Follow up

 Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a follow up call or email. Journalists, just like the rest of us, are very busy people and can miss an email in their inbox. It’s important to remember if you don’t get a response, that doesn’t always mean it’s a no, they just have a more pressing story to file. Shoot a short and sharp follow up email, or, even better, pick up the phone to see if what you’re offering is of interest. You can chat them through your pitch, possibly workshop the idea with them and (more often than not) get immediate feedback.



FORWARD Wins Gold SABRE at Asia Pacific Awards for Mills & Boon campaign

Winners were announced during the 2018 Asia-Pacific SABRE Awards ceremony, which was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Singapore, on September 11.

FORWARD won a Gold SABRE award in the practice area of Consumer Marketing (New Product) for “Do You Dare?”, the launch campaign for the new Mills & Boon imprint Dare. Our Founder & Managing Director, Fergus Kibble, was there to collect the gong!

This award recognises excellence in consumer marketing, with the winning award chosen from the entire Asia Pacific region, including Australia/New Zealand, Greater China, India, Japan, Korea, and South-East Asia.

SABRE stands for Superior Achievement in Branding, Reputation & Engagement. The SABRE Awards run by the Holmes Report are one of the world’s leading public relations awards.  The awards are peer reviewed by public relations professionals across the region. 

For the full list of winners click here

About the Campaign:

Taking on the challenge to relaunch the Mills & Boon brand and introduce a new sizzling series, we took an unconventional approach to launching a book brand- we created a game.

The game stimulated a conversation and enabled us to drive the story further, providing media with the opportunity to discuss what it was about reading and writing romance fiction that women in Australia absolutely loved.

Launched in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, the fun and revealing game brought the content from the Dare series to life, with fifty tantalising questions designed to stimulate an intimate conversation, helping players reveal their innermost thoughts and fantasies on romance and sex.

To provide a first-hand experience of the card game and Dare series, FORWARD seeded the game, along with the new book series, to key media and influencers, as well as making the game available to download for free from the Mills & Boon Australia website.

To ensure the campaign reached not only metropolitan areas but also key Australian regional areas, FORWARD developed a number of targeted stories by analysing Mills & Boon reader data. This allowed us to talk to a large percentage of the regional population and directly to the heartland of romance novel consumers.

The campaign achieved wide reaching media traction, including:

350+ pieces of coverage appearing in key target media across tv, radio, print, online and social media, with a reach of more than 116 million.

Coverage highlights included Pedestrian TV, Channel 10 – Studio 10, Sunday Telegraph,, Whimn, 2Day FM – breakfast, Hit Network, Mamamia and Daily Mail Australia. We started a national conversation on sex and fantasies, including Em Rusciano – 2Day FM breakfast host – creating a new segment on air asking questions from the game which challenged taboos around the topic of sex.

Sales performance showed Dare was the best performing series launch in a decade for the publisher, exceeding all expectations.

For a full case study on this campaign please click here

4 Minutes With… Melanie Lionello

Melanie Lionello (aka Naturally Nutritious) has quickly become one of the most popular food bloggers in Australia, sharing her adventures in food and nutrition across her blog and Instagram. Her food philosophy is all about “real food recipes with a healthy dose of indulgence” which is captured perfectly in the drool-worthy videos and simple recipes she creates. We recently collaborated with Melanie on behalf of Maggi Marketplace, and created a series of six delicious and quick weeknight recipes.

We spoke to Mel about how she came to be Naturally Nutritious, her tips for anyone looking to take the plunge into blogging full-time, and her thoughts on how the wellness and clean-eating trends are evolving.

You describe yourself as a ‘nutritionist by trade, foodie by heart.’ Can you tell us how you became Naturally Nutritious?  

I actually kind of fell into it! I was studying at the time and really struggling with the huge biochemistry component of nutrition. I previously studied anthropology and linguistics so this was such a struggle for me as a mature age student to get my head around. My sister introduced me to Instagram over the Easter holidays in 2014 and I decided to start posting my cringe-worthy (omg if you had have seen!) photos with recipes. I slowly started to get better at photography, as I believe people eat with their eyes. By 2016 I had my first real partnership offer, which was creating a product that would go on to be stocked in every single Woolworths nationwide. Since then, Naturally Nutritious has evolved to share recipes that are generally easy to make and use ingredients that are easy to find. I also share recipes that are indulgent as well as healthy, as the page is really a reflection of how I eat, and I eat and drink everything – white sugar and wine included!

What would be your top tips for anyone looking to make a career change like you did or starting their own business? 

I know it’s cheesy but you have to have a strong passion for whatever you decide to do. So passion first, and I think something that really helped me was having the courage to say ‘yes’! If an opportunity comes your way, try to make it work even if you’re terrified or not confident or ‘ready’. A little push in the right direction is all you need sometimes to make a dream a reality….aaaaand we are done with the cheesiness!!

What kind of content does your audience engage with the most? 

My top three things are pasta, porridge and cakes! Which happen to be three of my favourite food groups 😉

Who are the five food bloggers you get most inspiration from? 

1: @natalie.zee – incredible photographer, such a hard worker and an all-round beautiful human being

2: @tohercore – she really has the ability to transport me some place else with her moody photography and cosy creations

3: @naomisherman_foodcreative – my mouth waters whenever Naomi’s images appear on my feed. She is also a brilliant story teller

4: @anisa.sabet – comfort food and cocktails, two of my favourite things!

5: @cookrepublic – beautiful veggie-full recipes that are easy to recreate

“Wellness” and “clean eating” have become huge social trends. Do you see them as fads or are they here for good? 

Anyone who really knows me, knows that I absolutely loathe those terms. I don’t like them because these movements seem to put a barrier between regular everyday people and eating healthily. Being healthy isn’t as difficult or expensive as the ‘wellness’ and ‘clean eating’ movements make it out to be, for example a raw, vegan salad with superfoods and organic vegetables can be as healthy as having a ham, cheese and salad sandwich for lunch. I think they will stick around for a while longer but I’m a huge advocate for ‘Healthy At Every Size (HAES)’, the moderation movement and mindful eating, which I’m excited to say are becoming very popular as well and are much more relatable to the everyday person because they are not a diet or way of eating in any way, shape or form J

What are your top tips for anyone looking to get into food blogging? 

Be genuine! Cook and share food that you love to your bones! Don’t follow trends, and listen to your audience about the kinds of recipes they’d like to see. If you share what you love, your audience will too.


FORWARD announces partnership with global network, Sopexa

Today we announced a new partnership with Sopexa, one of the world’s leading food marketing and communications agency networks.  This partnership will strengthen their presence in Australia and New Zealand. In a reciprocal arrangement, Sopexa will also work with us to deliver global capability and reach for our clients and projects.

Through this partnership FORWARD will work to deliver campaigns for a selection of Sopexa’s global client roster which require local campaign implementation. Meanwhile, Sopexa will also help our clients to grow worldwide thanks to its network of agencies.

Charles Durand, Asia Pacific Director Sopexa said: “We opened a fully owned subsidiary in Sydney 2 years ago. Thanks to the synergy between FORWARD and Sopexa, there is no doubt this partnership will provide our respective clients with new added values and opportunities in Australia, Asia and around the world.”

Fergus Kibble, FORWARD Agency Founder and Managing Director said: “We are proud to partner with the Sopexa Group and represent them in Australia and New Zealand.  There is a strong capability and cultural alignment between our agencies, and we are excited to not only be working with them locally, but for the new opportunity we now have to offer our Australian and New Zealand clients access to Sopexa’s global network.”

FORWARD and Sopexa will remain independent agencies and this partnership does not affect their ownership or operating structure.

About Sopexa

Sopexa is an international communication agency 100% food, drink, lifestyle with 60 years of experience in these fields. Sopexa is 1 agency covering 24 countries, 250 employees of 31 nationalities, with the capability to work all around the globe. From influencers’ strategies to branding to shopper marketing, Sopexa serves clients from all continents every year. Sopexa ranks 91stin the Holmes Report’s annual top 250 PR agencies ranking.

FORWARD Wins Best Influencer Strategy

At the annual CommsCon awards ceremony, last night, FORWARD Agency won Best Influencer Strategy for the #itsgottabeMILO – BIG MILO TIN campaign which ran from October to December 2017.

The award recognised this campaign as best in class for influencer marketing strategy.

The #itsgottabeMILO campaign was all about getting Aussies talking and sharing their favourite MILO moments.  To kick-start the campaign, FORWARD identified six iconic Australian influencers and 25 citizen influencers to share their genuine MILO moments and invite their followers on their respective social media platforms to share theirs. These included: Bondi Lifeguards, Lleyton & Bec Hewitt and Em Rusciano.

For more information about the awards click here

For a case study on this campaign click here

FORWARD Agency Wins Beiersdorf PR Pitch

Beiersdorf Australia has appointed FORWARD Agency as their retained public relations and influencer agency partner in Australia and New Zealand, following a competitive pitch process.

The appointment will see FORWARD work across the consumer brands in the Beiersdorf stable including NIVEA, NIVEA MEN and ELASTOPLAST.

Julia Braun, General Manager Marketing at Beiersdorf Australia said: “Following a review of PR agencies and a competitive pitch we are delighted to announce our partnership with FORWARD Agency. Throughout the entire process FORWARD demonstrated a deep understanding and passion for our brands. Fergus and his team have some great ideas for how we can drive better communications outcomes across our business using the power of PR.”

Fergus Kibble, FORWARD Agency Founder and Managing Director said: “We really admire Beiersdorf as a company and are absolutely thrilled to be working with their world leading brands. We are looking forward to collaborating on some exciting projects including innovation in influencer engagement and brand story telling.”

5 Top Beauty Trends We’re Loving

At FORWARD, we are always listening and looking out for emerging beauty trends in Australia and overseas, what beauty bloggers and influencers are talking about, and keeping our finger on the pulse of what beauty media are writing about. Here, we’ve pulled together a list of 5 top beauty trends that we’re loving right now.

1. Changing application of beauty products

The way we view beauty is without a doubt changing at a rapid pace, and applications of different skincare and beauty products are at the forefront of this change. Over the past year we have seen beauty products like blackhead banishing balms, detoxifying seaweed bath bombs and charcoal facial wipes enter the beauty space, highlighting the innovative new paths that are being created.

One form of skincare application that has rapidly grown and transformed in the past year has been masks. One example that we’re loving are slice masks, from Korean beauty brand Kocostar. These are sheet masks cut into round disks and made to look like slices of cucumber, strawberry, kiwi, tulip, rose, and more fruits and flowers. Unlike traditional sheet masks, disks can be used as spot treatments for the face — or anywhere on the body. Each slice mask is designed to target a specific skin concern. The same goes with cream-based masks, which allows the user to target certain areas of the face, or all over, to deeply cleanse, hydrate and moisturise.

2. Clean ingredients

Despite there being constant technological advancements in the beauty category, many brands have discovered the importance of going back to basics, by utilising ingredients that are naturally found in our skin and that are inspired by nature e.g. superfood ingredients. Just as consumers have become more conscious about what they eat and the impact it has on their body, they have also become more interested in exactly what is in their skincare and beauty products. In addition to this, consumers also want to also be inspired and pampered by their skincare products.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and what we put on it each day directly affects its health and vitality. Ingredients that replenish the skin like hyaluronic acid and Q10 also naturally occurr in the body, and when applied topically, can help fortify and revive the skin’s surface, supplying long-lasting infusions of hydration.

Ingredients that are inspired by nature like argan oil, almond oil, honey, pearl extracts, and charcoal are also very popular ingredients in skincare at the moment, as they all work to gently and deeply nourish skin.

3. Anti-pollution skincare

Skincare in Australia is and will continue to be influenced by the advanced skincare routines and products of Japan, and in particular, South Korea. K-Beauty is based on a holistic approach focusing on innovation, gentle ingredients and nourishing the skin, without the need for makeup. One aspect of K-beauty that we feel resonates in Australia currently is anti-pollution and reversing, or limiting, the damage it can cause to skin.

It’s no secret that pollution can cause premature ageing, inflammation, hyperpigmentation and acne, among other skin issues. Various products have launched into the market that specifically aim to protect the skin from free radicals. They contain anti-oxidants that work to neutralise radical damage caused by environmental aggressors, such as pollution and UV exposure. Korean skincare brands, Cellnco and Laneige, have created skincare ranges that are specifically formulated to protect the skin from pollution and free radicals. They’ve created products including an All Day Anti-Pollution Defensor and Anti-Pollution Refreshing Milk Sleeping Mask.

4. Simplified beauty and makeup regime – ‘skin care as makeup’

While a simplified beauty regime might be a trend which has been a long time coming, this is something which we think will come even more into to the mainstream in 2018. Today, women are opting for minimal and simple makeup application, focusing more on a natural ‘glowy’ look and moving away from caked on, heavy makeup. Many makeup brands have been catering for this shift in the beauty industry, with more lightweight BB creams that easily blend into the skin, instead of covering up imperfections. The Premium Beauty Balm by Dr Jart+ is one of our favourites at the moment as it neutralises skin tone but also has sunscreen in it! Win win!
Lightening up on makeup also means doubling down on skin care, which we are completely in support of. Instead of caking on the foundation, this year it should be all about layering serums and moisturizers for a naturally dewy look. If this rings a bell, that’s because we’re following in the steps of K-Beauty, with their mantra of beauty from the inside. Prepare for social media feeds to soon be filled with photos of #nomakeupselfies. One product to help nail the transition to ‘skincare as makeup’ is the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hyaluronic Acid 100% Serum.

5. Low cost, low effort and high-quality products

Today’s busy skincare users ask for three things when it comes to beauty products. Products that will deliver; products that don’t cost the world; and most importantly, products that are quick and easy to use. In a world when we’re all short on time, want the most out of our skincare, and we’re currently really appreciating the products which reflect these needs. Today, we are seeing everything from express 1-minute facial masks, to tinted sunscreens, and primers that double as moisturisers, in order to give the consumer bang for their hard-earned buck.

We’re also big fans of new skincare products with multi-benefits, and that are time-saving, leaving users with a natural look and more time to spend living their lives. Light Source Illuminating 3 in 1 Primer from Laurac Cosmetics is one good example, it can be used alone as a face primer under makeup, or mixed in with a foundation or moisturiser, or even applied on top of makeup to brighten and highlight.

What else does 2018 have in store for beauty trends? We can only wait and see – and try them out!

5 of 2017’s Best Christmas PR Campaigns

It’s that time of year again that many people love – Christmas!

Whether it be colourful bright lights and shimmering decorations, magnificent home-cooked meals with friends and family, or finding the perfect tree…it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the festive feeling!

Brands also love Christmas – as they seek to capitalise on one of the favourite holidays of the year and encapsulate the Christmas spirit.

This year, there has been some unbelievable PR, experiential marketing, advertising and social campaigns, which have perfectly captured this special time of year.

Here are FORWARD’s top five favourites:


1. ‘It Feels Good to Give’ – AUSTRALIA

Coca-Cola was on point again this year, bringing the festive cheer with their ‘It Feels Good to Give’ Christmas campaign, in partnership with The Salvation Army.

Together they presented the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour to deliver jovial merriment and extra love to regional Australian communities during the Christmas period, aiming to inspire Australians around the country.

As part of the tour, the brand gifted each region with long-lasting memories for their town. The truck, which was decorated with more than 65,000 festive lights, delivered ‘surprise and delight’ moments at local events, including a concert and even an open-air cinema in the outback.

The tour has been a global success previously, making more than 300 stops in countries around the world and covering more than a million kilometres. It was the truck’s first appearance in Australia, and after visiting numerous towns, the trip ended at the Woolworth Carols in the Domain spreading love and Christmas cheer.

Why we love it:

A great extension of the global campaign, as well as partnering with The Salvation Army to provide regional areas with lasting memories that leave a positive legacy of the brand.


2. Euston station hosts Christmas dinner for the homeless – ENGLAND

Christmas is about giving and this heart-warming campaign couldn’t come at a better time. Network Rail in England will convert Euston station into a soup kitchen for those that are most vulnerable, the homeless, on Christmas Day.

In conjunction with charities, St. Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen, 30 volunteers will serve a full Christmas feast to 200 ‘specifically invited guests’ inside Euston station – a station that draws a large number of displaced sleepers throughout the year.

Network Rail has acquired bistro chain Leon Restaurants to cater, who have gladly volunteered to do so!

With the winter being the most difficult and a particularly lonely time of year for the homeless, this act of kindness promoting charity, generosity and compassion is the perfect Christmas story.

Why we love it:

A great brand piece engaging with audience emotions, whilst addressing the real premise of Christmas – giving back.


3. EasyJet creates inflight grottos with Captain Claus – ENGLAND

With millions of people flying home over the Christmas period, there’s no better place to get the festive feeling started then on board!

From the 19-24 December, budget airline EasyJet will ‘surprise and delight’ 20,000 passengers on over 100 flights with the most well-known pilot of them all – Santa Claus!

To kick off the campaign, the first flight included hidden cameras to capture the surprise reactions of passengers as ‘Captain Claus’ delivered presents to kids on board.

The video features a mix of actors and families, meaning only a few knew what was happening. The reactions were priceless, with the more and merry getting a fabulous festive surprise!

Why we love it:

A fun, “surprise and delight” campaign which capitalises on a relevant and seasonal idea by creating an emotional connection with their audience.


4. The Australian Red Cross aims to fight loneliness this Christmas! – AUSTRALIA

For many of us, Christmas is a special time of year to spend with our nearest and dearest, however sadly for some of us, it’s also an extremely lonely time of year. A new survey has found one in four of us, or 5.6m Australians, are lonely almost all of the time or on a regular basis.

With this in mind, The Australian Red Cross has launched the Season of Belonging campaign, calling on Australians to reach out to each other to prevent loneliness – as nobody should be alone and isolated at Christmas.

During the festive season, Red Cross offers simple suggestions of how Australians can help each other not to feel so lonely, such as; meet your neighbours; volunteer; say hello to someone new in your neighbourhood; check on someone who may be in trouble; be kind on social media.

The Red Cross also provides regular phone calls and visits to the isolated and elderly, offering one-to-one support to those struggling with mental illness or giving a warm welcome to people seeking safety from violence and persecution.

Why we love it:

Utilising its research, the brand recognises a bigger issue in Australia by encouraging others to check in with their loved ones and integrating a call to action – whether by donation or personal action.


5. Asda launches world’s first cheese advent calendar – ENGLAND

This year, British supermarket chain Asda launched the world’s first cheese advent calendar in partnership with cheesemaker Norseland.

The calendar was brought to life after Annem Hobson, author of ‘So Wrong It’s Nom’ food blog, created a handmade prototype. It gained an overwhelming social response with over 11,000 cheese lovers signing up to get one in 2017, in just four days.

The masterpiece came to fruition just in time for the festive season, shifting the chocolate dominated retail periods’ tradition on its head for those who love a savoury palate – containing 24 individually wrapped cheeses.

Why we love it:

The campaign was entertaining and engaging with the novelty element of Christmas, winning Asda great PR and online momentum, globally.

Mills & Boon Falls in Love with FORWARD Agency

FORWARD Agency today announced its appointment as public relations and influencer agency partner for Harlequin Australia, to work on the Mills & Boon imprint following a competitive pitch.

The appointment will see FORWARD help Harlequin to reposition the Mills & Boon brand, and attract a whole new generation of Australian readers with the launch of a new range in early 2018.

Adam Van Rooijen, Head of Digital & Marketing Communications for Harlequin said: “Following a creative pitch, we were sure FORWARD is the agency to help us to communicate the transformation of the Mills & Boon brand positioning in Australia.  Fergus and his team had a clear understanding of where we are taking the brand, and a creative vision that we think will bring that positioning to life in a creative and engaging way.  We are looking forward to working with FORWARD!”

Fergus Kibble, FORWARD Agency Founder and Managing Director said: “We are delighted that Harlequin has chosen FORWARD to help drive consumer engagement and conversation about the Mills & Boon brand in Australia. We are particularly excited to be working together with Adam and his team on an innovative project that will launch in early 2018. Love is in the air!”

4 Minutes With.. Paula Joye

From a career as a magazine editor to running her own highly successful website, The Joye, journalist and content creator, Paula Joye, is one of Australia’s most influential voices in fashion and lifestyle.

We spent 4 minutes with Paula to get some insights on all things influencers and lifestyle.

You have an incredible career spanning across new and old media – what do you see as the future of media?

The future has less to do with medium and more to do with how we consume.

Google has changed the way we think.  It’s trained us to search for information in silos.

Generalism is dying, which gives niche media – content that talks to the specific – real opportunity to thrive.

You’ll see this drill down on social platforms with greater audience being given to micro creators.

How to do you choose what projects and brands to collaborate with?

I made two decisions at the start of my digital journey.

  • To make a positive space. You need to be very careful with negative chatter or opinion. If I don’t like a product, place or person then I don’t write about it. I concentrate on things I can recommend with confidence.
  • If it feels wrong then it generally is wrong. I’ve turned down many lucrative opportunities because they didn’t align with my personal brand values. The word authenticity gets thrown around like confetti at a wedding, but you can’t have a successful collaboration without it. 

What are the most important rules for brands to remember to ensure they get the best result when collaborating with influencers?

Make sure the connection is based on brand match and not numbers. The most effective collaborations are frictionless where the brand and the influencer fit hand in glove.

Clearly define your expectation – Do we want sales? Do we want to drive awareness? Then work with the influencer on a brief that will meet the end result.

Long-term influencer partnerships are the way forward. If an influencer talks about a brand over a period of months, it then becomes part of his/her vernacular. The message is repeated and believed. Frequency equals repeat purchase.

As a working mum of two and an authority in all things lifestyle, you’ve become a spokesperson for many Australian women. What are three things the modern Australian woman looks for in a brand?

Anything that saves time.

Anything that does what I says it will do.

Anything with alcohol in it.

Who are three Australian influencers or blogs that inspire you and why?

Li-Chi Pan: Beautiful imagery, super creative feeds and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

Table Tonic: Louise Bell and I are work colleagues from MagLand. She has a super cool Gypset inspired store (Table Tonic) and her social media is a wonderful creative diary.

Alan Tsibulya: He. Is. Hilarious.

What are your top fashion and beauty predictions for 2018?

60’s florals, 80’s checks, lavender and all shades of purple (Prince grief hangover), glitter on your clothes, eyelids and nails, oversized earrings (think iPhone plus siz

e), infrared saunas, part time veganism, short hair for women, beauty supplement bars, khaki….and that’s just January.

What three Australian brands are you currently loving and why?

Lanolips: Clever concept, beautiful product, niche business. Plus I can’t live without the 101 Ointment.

PE Nation:  They saw a gap and grew virally. Using social media in such an effective way. It’s growing like a freight train and already has a global following.

Made By Cow: Completely biased because my husband invented it. However, it’s very cool that Australia was the first country in the world to bring a safe raw milk to market. The brand is ethical, forward thinking and I love the logo.

FORWARD recently collaborated with Paula Joye on our client, Alpha Keri.