We’re taking a big step FORWARD

FORWARD Consulting today unveiled a rebrand and new name. The agency is now called FORWARD.

“Since our launch three years ago our mission has been to create impactful branded content and communications for our clients,” said Fergus Kibble, Founder and Managing Director of FORWARD.

“The landscape of communications and influence is constantly evolving and to stay at the forefront we need to always look forward to ensure our approaches and thinking stay relevant. It seemed like a natural evolution for us to change our name to FORWARD, as it fits our mission and philosophy perfectly.”

Coinciding with the name change, Kibble also announced that following a competitive pitch in December 2014, major food marketer Cerebos has appointed FORWARD to handle PR and influence marketing for its brands. With a Gravox campaign being the first key project. FORWARD will work alongside Gravox creative agency, 303Lowe and media agency, Match.

“We were very impressed with the strong strategic and creative approach from the team at FORWARD and their fresh way of thinking,” said Duncan Knight, Marketing Manager Cerebos.

“They clearly understood the direction we are taking the brand and added some strong ideas future campaigns. We are looking forward to working with them.”

In relation to the agency’s 2015 direction and Cerebos appointment Kibble said;

“We will continue to push the envelope to help brands find ways to connect with influencers and engage with consumers. In a multi-channel world, we believe focus, consistency and creativity are the keys to success. We are thrilled to have been appointed by Cerebos and look forward to working with them in 2015 and beyond.”

For all media enquiries about FORWARD or Cerebos, please contact Janina Czado at janina@forwardagency.com.au

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