Media Relations & Blogger Marketing

Using the power of public relations, media relations and social media, we can help you share your stories through established bloggers and media influencers.

Media relations are about quality, not quantity and at FORWARD we have the experience to have forged knowledgeable relationships with the media across multiple platforms and publishers. In todays saturated media environment, consumers are more often than not turning to a range of niche and alternate media channels. We ensure our media relations are well targeted to where your audience is actually watching, reading and hearing quality media content.

Part of the reason media relations are no longer confined to major traditional outlets is because information and influence are no longer centralised within the media. To reflect this change, bloggers and social or educational influencers are often the best way to reach your audience.

At FORWARD, we liaise with bloggers who can both authentically create buzz and amplify campaigns through their large and engaged followings. Similarly, we are constantly on the hunt for quality upcoming and established blogs to work with in engaging audiences and who truly represent your brand and can communicate your story.

Bloggers enable engagement with more targeted and niche audiences, as often individuals look online to connect with like-minded individuals to discuss and source more information on their favourite products, hobbies and lifestyle trends. The flexibility of working in an already established digital place also allows us to express your brand personality creatively through images, video, giveaways and spokespeople.

Blogs provide an important digital point-of-sale for customers that can drive traffic to your website and social channels, as well as influence final purchase decisions. Today’s consumer is likely to spot something on a blog, check Instagram and link to an online store to compare price and availability all before buying.

Influencers can take many forms including; celebrities, experts, insiders, journalists and media personalities. Increasingly, influencers are individuals with large reach on social media, but can also act as a spokesperson or be an authority on your product or industry.

Engagement and relevance are key when selecting an influencer to connect with. You want to tap into an active audience who see your chosen influencer as a trusted authority in the lifestyle category that relates to your brand. You also want to select an influencer whose personality and views well reflect that of your brand.

Ultimately, whether working with blogs, media or influencers, brands have an opportunity to speak with audiences through a trusted voice in a familiar community space.