SunRice Winter

More and more Aussies want to explore a variety of cuisines and create mouth-watering meals that please the whole family. But, coming up with new and exciting weeknight meal ideas regularly isn’t easy!

SunRice also wanted to move rice purchasing occasions away from the ‘stock up’ shop to the ‘quick shop’, to see rice as a regular item on the lists of shoppers looking for something quick and easy to make for their weekday dinner.

Recognising the need to revamp how Aussies view weeknight cooking, and provide fresh and inspiring ideas to answer the ‘what’s for dinner’ dilemma, FORWARD proposed a multi-tiered campaign to tap into both inspiration and occasion. The key elements of this campaign included:

An integrated Influencer campaign, driven by five of Australia’s best-known lifestyle, parenting and foodie bloggers and Sunrice Ambassador Poh Ling Yeow, that focused on quick and easy weeknight meal inspiration to inspire and combat the myth that rice is too tricky or intensive to cook.

Throughout the three-month campaign, the bloggers featured a Create Your Own recipe series and ‘recipe roadtest’, as well as a ‘Mystery Box’ challenge conducted between each of the bloggers – each activity resulted in original recipe content that sat across the Influencers’ blogs and social media.

Creation of the SunRice Weeknights Fast & Fabulous Dinners recipe eBook featuring some of the best recipes from the campaign to help these easy weeknight recipes ‘live on’ past the winter months.


The campaign reached an audience of 1.3M, and saw the creation of 10 original recipes.

Original content creation was an integral part of this campaign, and directly resulted in SunRice moving from 6th to 1st in their social media category (Grains and Rice).

The campaign saw a total engagement of 3.6K likes, comments and shares, with many Influencers interacting with each other and their fans, home cooks, commenting about their results making the recipes at home






  • Date Published:Friday 23 December 2016