Natural Instinct

FORWARD set up a three-part, ongoing campaign to engage beauty media, bloggers and buffs.

brand refresh

To reintroduce the brand to media and begin to build awareness of the new products and look and feel, FORWARD sent personalised communications and product samples to media and bloggers, to ensure all key contacts knew to be in touch for natural features and information. FORWARD also partnered with holistic living guru and all-around goddess, Lee Holmes of Supercharged Food, as an ambassador. With expertise in food, ingredients and healthy living, FORWARD worked closely with Lee to raise awareness of Natural Instinct’s truly natural ingredients and their role in an effective skin care routine.

FORWARD also initiated a partnership with beauty box Bellabox to see Natural Instinct included in the box twice, to increase awareness directly with consumers – a more widespread, beauty-serious audience.

expert panel

To drive home the efficacy story, FORWARD hosted a breakfast panel with key beauty and lifestyle media, bloggers and influencers to bring to life the idea of efficacy in natural beauty and why natural products do work. With consultation from FORWARD, ambassador Lee Holmes invited three of her closest natural living colleagues, all known to media, to give their thoughts to a highly engaged audience on the natural beauty topic and their natural living story. Many guests reported reconsidering or seeing natural beauty in a more positive light in post-event feedback.

ongoing press office

FORWARD manages an ongoing press office for Natural Instinct, to ensure the brand remains top of mind for beauty media, beauty bloggers and consumers. Activities including a blogger review and giveaway program, proactive media e-shots, award entries and responses to feature call-outs have pushed Natural Instinct to the forefront of the conversation.


The Natural Instinct relaunch and press office has seen a reach of 40M+ and more than 150 clips across media and blogs over an 18-month period.

Key highlights of the results include:

– Coverage with publications including, POPSUGAR, Sunday Telegraph, The Glow, Mamamia, InStyle, OK! Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Beauty Crew, New Idea, WHO, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Body+Soul, Better Homes & Gardens and more

– Repeat coverage with publications including The Glow, Mamamia and The Australian Women’s WeeklyHigh quality, authentic and positive product reviews from health and beauty bloggers including Livia, Wellness By Kels, Lily Not Louise, Fitness in the City, Space of Beauty and more

– An increased interest in natural beauty and Natural Instinct!

  • Date Published:Friday 24 March 2017