FELIX Clever Cat-a-thon

Experiential PR

the brief

To launch the new range of FELIX SENSATIONS Jellies, FORWARD was engaged by Nestlé Purina PetCare to raise awareness for the FELIX Clever Cat-a-thon – the brand’s largest consumer facing activation, designed to put humans and pet owners to the test and celebrate the clever and mischievous nature of cats.

the response


Humans love cats; they have permeated almost every aspect of pop-culture, from grumpy cat memes to cat cafes and cat yoga. The fascination with cats lies in their unpredictable behaviour that captivates millions of YouTube viewers around the world, every single day.

We can watch videos of them dance, stretch and scare a growling dog – but, the one thing we still don’t know is what they get up to when no one is home. To be of interest to consumers, we needed to tap into Australia’s curiosity with cats and focus on what people didn’t know about cats.

what we did

Supporting the activation concept – a large scale cat-themed inflatable obstacle course – we created a narrative announcing to lifestyle and events media that PURINA was bringing the world’s first ever Cat-a-thon course to Australia. As the course would give humans the rare opportunity to get a cats-eye perspective on the world, we invited Aussies to channel their inner feline in cat mode, and put the theory to the test: are cats as clever as we think they are?

With any good PR campaign, it’s the story we are telling that helps a brand to connect with an audience and start a conversation with media. To position FELIX as leaders in the cat food category, we worked with PURINA’S animal behaviourist, Dr Jo Righetti, to create a bank of content that supported the narrative around the cunning and clever nature of cats.

Our story helped media and cat lovers get into the mind of a cat and discover more about our feline friends, such as insights on their cunning abilities, why they need to be stimulated, how people can read cat behaviour, as well as crazy cat facts.

To bring the event to life, we enlisted TV personality and Big Brother winner Tim Dormer to host the event and create a series of social content on his social channels before and during the event. As an animal lover and celebrity, Tim is well-known in the media and has an avid following that we knew would come down on the day.


The pre-event media strategy generated 32 pieces of media coverage with leading outlets such as The Daily Telegraph, Fairfax papers, Nova FM, 2Day FM, and Leader Community papers. In total, we reached 19,227,224 Australians, and participation pre-registrations also exceeded the maximum limit.

With a fun and experiential event, we had a huge opportunity to ignite conversations online about FELIX – encouraging people to share content. We amassed 1,624,180 social media impressions that included images and videos of the course.

As part of his role, Tim Dormer ran the Cat-a-thon course to build hype and excitement. Footage of Tim running the course was live streamed on PURINA’s Facebook page and his social channels, driving interest and engagement that generated 32,000 views and thousands of comments and likes.

  • Date Published:Monday 13 March 2017