Deep Heat Pro Launch

A nation of active people, we all want to get back in the game as quickly as possible. But sometimes injury and sore muscles can get in the way!

To tackle this problem, Deep Heat launched Deep Heat Pro, two-product range of heat therapy solutions designed to help active Aussies warm their muscles up and get back in the ring quicker. Called the Pro range, the products were launched to engage serious sports enthusiasts – from triathletes to elite team players.

FORWARD Agency was briefed to unveil and build awareness of the new range. The key challenges lay in needing to differentiate the new products from the original, iconic products as well as educate consumers on the benefits of heat therapy before and after working out.

Recognising a need to go beyond traditional media, FORWARD put in place a content-driven plan, that leveraged the brand assets including brand ambassador and chiropractor, Dr Tim Robards and an event sponsorship of Men’s Health’s Survival of the Fittest.

As a brand ambassador, Dr Tim Robards’ aspirational qualities combined with his chiropractic qualifications made him a natural brand ambassador choice. Communications and Dr Tim’s messaging were focused around the sports performance benefits of heat therapy in warm up and warm down routines.

Dr Tim has huge appeal for both medium and active Aussies, going beyond traditional media opportunities to consider online video and lifestyle and blogger ‘how-to’ content. Dr Tim’s expert ‘how-to’ content also fell perfectly during the launch of this Tim Robards Method program, boosting the credibility of the Deep Heat Pro brand ambassadorship.

Finally, the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest sponsorship allowed the brand a platform to speak with influencers and everyday actives, through a hands-on product experience.

key activities included:

product launch:

– Distribution of a product launch media release to trade, marketing, entertainment, lifestyle and niche sports titles

– Social media posts on Dr Tim’s channels

– Media send out featuring high-quality workout and warm down gear to pair with Deep Heat Pro

content creation and media seeding: 

– Creation of an engaging four-part series led by Dr Tim that spoke to the benefits of heat therapy and Deep Heat Pro, with each video focused on a different body area, providing key insights and expert informatioVideos and Q&As seeded to lifestyle and consumer media

influencer engagement:

– Influencer engagement and attendance at Men’s Health / Deep Heat sponsored Survival of the Fittest event (where they participated in warm up and warm down exercises, received massages from the Deep Heat team, ran the race alongside Dr Tim and social media posts)

The Deep Heat Pro 2017 launch campaign saw a reach of 5.2M+ and 24 clips across broadcast, print, online and social media.

Key highlights of the results include:

– Coverage with broadcast, print and online media outlets including Today Extra, 9Coach, Men’s Style, Australian Shape, Lifestyle Channel

– Video content published by media including Daily Mail and The Juice Daily

– 10x media kits seeded to publications including Men’s Fitness, GQ, Huffington Post, Rugby League Week and D’Marge

– Two high-profile influencers – Blake Worrall-Thompson and Katie Williams – attending and participating in the Survival of the Fittest event and Deep Heat Pro massage centre

However, the best result of all? Hearing from active Aussies experiencing the benefits of warming up AND down with Deep Heat Pro’s heat therapy.


  • Date Published:Friday 24 March 2017