Alpha Keri

With bold ambitions to move Alpha Keri into coveted beauty territory, FORWARD had to completely reposition the brand to beauty media so they’d reconsider, to bloggers for recommendations and ultimately to Australians to drive purchase.

Despite how long it had been around, very few people had heard of Alpha Keri. We needed to spark mass conversation about the brand.

To mark the new era of Alpha Keri we introduced the platform: transformation and hydration, focusing on transformation of ‘self’ through the new range, transformation of mindset about the brand and hydration for skin you want to show off.

What better way to reshape and transform the brand than through a national sweetheart who had experienced her very own personal transformation?

A fan of the product since childhood, Sam Frost was identified as the campaign ambassador off her hugely successful Bachelor and Bachelorette appearances.

We knew there would be a thirst to know Sam’s insider beauty tips and she was brought on board for her first beauty collaboration.

The success of the launch was born from the carefully crafted communications strategy. Sam was revealed as the new face of Alpha Keri at an exclusive breakfast briefing for beauty and lifestyle editors, bloggers and influencers.

Hosted at the Andrew Boyd Charlton Pool, we connected directly with the brand’s hydration message and Sam personally spoke to guests about her beauty battles, regime, and experiences with Alpha Keri. The social and media coverage following the event attested to the thirst audiences had for Sam’s beauty secrets.


The results

Ambassador & Content Seeding

  • Bespoke content created and seeded on Sam’s social platforms
  • Personal story about Sam’s experience with eczema and how she keeps hydrated
  • Insider beauty tips from Sam on preparing for a date and being comfortable in your own skin
  • One on one interviews with Sam and top tier media – 1st time hearing about Sam’s secrets

Lifestyle Media Event

  • Announced Sam as the new ambassador to 35 Tier A media, bloggers and beauty influencers
  • All guests where given the opportunity to trial the product at hydration booths with beauty professional staff

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Blogger Relations

  • Competitions and giveaways were placed with some of Australia’s most high profile blogs

KPIs were exceeded with mass coverage secured:

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  • Date Published:Monday 11 April 2016